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Best Razor For Men


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We believe that the best razor for men is without a doubt a double edge safety razor. Not specific to any one model, either. Be it old, new, an expensive Edwin Jagger or inexpensive Lord. Consider the following:


Some worry that getting into wetshaving is going to be an expensive endeavor. Quite the opposite is actually true. In reality, using a safety razor with a double edge blade can save you over $300 per year in blade replacement costs. Think that's crazy? Lets break this down.. The Gillette Fusion Proglide blades are priced at $7.50 a piece, or roughly $30 for a pack of 8. (discount priced) Using 2 of these blades per week, you
would need one 8 pack per month.

Multiplied by 12 for the year and that total comes to $360. By comparison, take the Feather blades for example. These extremely sharp de blades are very high quality and made in Japan. Priced at $0.44 a piece or, $22 for a pack of 50. A years supply of these will cost you around $46. With those savings in mind, you could buy a really nice Edwin Jagger safety razor with a years supply of blades, soaps and even throw in a shaving brush and it would still be much cheaper than using the Gillette.


Safety razors can last a lifetime. Here's a real world example, my Father is still using my Grandfathers Gillette Adjustable from the 1950's. Week in, week out, year after year, the thing has been in use for well over 50 years. That's some solid engineering right there! Granted, it's not in the best cosmetic shape but are you going to be passing down your cartridge razor to your kids?

Quality of the Shave

The only thing that can truly rival a proper safety razor shave is a straight razor. The quality of the shave is really unmatched by a cartridge razor. No doubt about it, you can have some pretty uncomfortable shaves with a safety razor if your prep is bad, or your technique is off. There is definitely a learning curve required. However, once the skill is acquired you can expect smooth worry free shaves.

Other Benefits

Safety razor blades can be recycled, resharpened and reused for other things. Have you ever needed a razor blade to remove something? Here in Texas we have to change out our vehicle registration and inspection stickers yearly. These get applied to the inside of the windshield and can be a pain to remove. On more than one occasion I have snapped a de blade in half and used it just like any other razor blade you might find at the hardware store. (Disclaimer: Be smart, be careful, don't do this!)


Truthfully, this topic could be endlessly debated and in all fairness, this post has not even addressed straights, electric or disposable razors. I will however have to leave those comparisons for another day. In my mind, there is really only one best razor and it's usually whatever safety razor I happen to be using for that particular day. What do you think is the best razor for men? Let us know in the comments below!

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