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Cost of Shaving with Safety Razors vs Cartridge Based Razors


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Since you arrived on this page, you probably shave your face every morning like most other men and are using a hand held razor to get a close, smooth shave. Like me, you have probably noticed how quickly those 30$ value packs go dull so you need to buy another batch. You can make those blades last a little longer buy using them until you start getting cuts and they're not pulling your beard hair very well anymore instead of replacing them when the colored indicator tells you it is time to go shopping for new blades, but they still get dull too quickly.

Some of the advantages with using a  good old safety razor instead of the latest invention you see advertised on TV all the time, is that they give a much closer and smoother shave, the blades last longer and they are a lot cheaper. Vintage shaving soap is also cheaper and lasts much longer than shaving cream does.

Here is an example to compare the expenses:

Cost of a value pack with razor blades: 30$ for 8 blades
Number of shaves per blade: 4
Cost of a bottle of shaving cream: 5-70$ depending on your preferred brand.

Cost of safety razor blades: 3$ for 10 blades (more blades for 1/10th of the price)
Number of shaves: 5-7
Cost of vintage shaving soap: 5$

The initial investment will be larger when buying a vintage razor, but as you can see from the numbers above, using a classic razor will save you money long term.

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