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The Edwin Jagger DE89L features a lined chrome handle and is manufactured in Sheffield England by the Edwin Jagger Company. Founded in 1988, Edwin Jagger is a brand you can trust with quality handcrafted products and is considered by many, to be the best razor manufacturer in existence today.

Edwin Jagger Safety Razors are three piece razors with several different handle designs. This razor is ideal for entry level shaving with a double edge but it is also used by many wet shaving pros, due to the comfort and quality of the razor. With a heavier handle and easy blade replacement, it makes wet shaving more convenient. Makes a great gift for a loved one or a nice addition to your current collection. The Edwin Jagger Safety Razor is ranked as one of the best new double edged razors, a high quality piece for a great shave.

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Pros & Cons

prosBuild quality, Fit & finish
contCan be expensive

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Edwin Jagger DE89L 9.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

3 Reviews »

  • by Kevin on December 31, 2011

    The most comfortable razor I’ve used. I leave room only because nothing is perfect, but this is close.

  • by John Carlo on August 28, 2012

    The DE89 is notorious for it’s fit & finish, and is something to behold on it’s own. The head of the razor could be used as a travel mirror- the chrome plating is that good. The three piece design of the DE89 surpasses that of the Tech, should anyone compare the two. The weight of the razor is heavy, well balanced, and solid feeling. There’s a definite that some may find it to be too heavy, but shavers with thick hairs will be enthralled.

    The agressiveness of this razor is difficult to measure. The blade angle is unquie from the rest of my razors, all of which are based of Gillette patents, one way or another.

    When used correctly, the DE89 feels mild but delivers shockingly, AND I MEAN SHOCKINGLY, close shaves. I say “correct” because this I have eight wrong ways to shave with this razor and only one that doesn’t end with loads of discomfort. But when you use a thin blade and shallow razor angle- there’s no need to do more than one pass with this razor.

    My best recommendation is to use the Derby blades that the razor comes with. Any other blade just doesn’t do the DE89 justice.

  • by Cody Willams on August 10, 2013

    Sweet!!! My EJDE89L feel like a smooth Morgan (British) sport car!

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Fit & Finish
Overall Rating