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Gillette Safety Razors

Compare Prices, check Ratings and Reviews on Vintage Gillette Safety Razors. Own a piece of wetshaving history with these Classic DE Razors!

Gillette Tech

Manufactured from 1938 through 1973, the Gillette Tech is generally considered to be one of the mildest safety razors you can find. Due to the mildness of the blade exposure, it is well suited to beginners of DE Shaving Gillete produced several ..

Gillette Aristocrat

Manufactured from 1914 through the 1960′s. The Gillette Aristocrat is a rare gem and is the first twist to open model produced by Gillette. Somewhat hard to find in good condition, the razor comes in several different varieties, gold …

Gillette Slim Adjustable

Manufactured from 1961-1986, the Gillette Slim was a bit of a hot commodity. With it’s adjustable settings and slimline design it makes for a perfect shave. It’s durability has lasted for generations and is still going strong, made with ..

Gillette Fat Boy

Manufactured from 1958 through 1961, the Gillette Fat Boy was the precursor to the Gillette Slim adjustable. The Fat Boy was mass produced in it’s time so they are somewhat easy to find and can usually be found in …

Gillette Super Speed

The Gillette Super Speed razor was manufactured from 1942 through 1986. An interesting fact about the Super Speed is that early production of the razor was limited to the military only, from the years 1942 through 1945. Many ..