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Merkur Safety Razors

Compare Prices, check Ratings and Reviews on Merkur Safety Razors. Merkur offers a DE Razor for everybody from the traditional HD, to the more modern Vision and Futur.

Merkur 33C

Get the smoothest shave you’ve ever had with the Merkur 33C standard safety razor. This razor is built to last a lifetime and turns shaving into a pleasurable experience that you will look forward to. The Merkur 33C is great for those who are new to wet shaving, although there is a bit of a learning curve.

Merkur Futur Double Edge

The Merkur Futur is built to last and well worth the price. This razor gives a clean, smooth shave every time and is an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin.

Merkur Vision

This razor is a beautiful piece of engineering that is finely crafted and provides a superb shave. There is a nice adjustable component to the Merkur Vision which means that you can adjust how much the blade is exposed.

Merkur Bakelite

The Merkur Bakelite is a great inexpensive razor with a cool retro 1940’s look. It is made of a strong and smooth synthetic plastic and it is a very light weight razor (only 15 grams) with a short handle.

Merkur “1904” Classic

The Merkur 1904 Classic Safety Razor is a German made replica of the original Gillette classic razor. The razor is elegantly designed and made of nickel plated chrome.

Merkur 39C Slant

Bored with your standard Safety Razor? Not getting close enough shaves? Try the Merkur 39C Slant Razor. The slanted head simulates the angle of a cut throat razor and allows for an incredibly close shave ..

Merkur HD

The Merkur HD (also known as the 34C) features a heavy duty, extra thick handle with a textured grip. Manufactured in Solingen Germany, the HD is a two piece razor and is great for those new to shaving with a double edge ..

Merkur 180 (23C)

The Merkur 180 (also known as the 23C) double edge safety razor is a German made product, which features a classic long handle with chrome finishing. It’s a simple three piece razor with diamond etching for a good grip. It also includes ..

Merkur 38C

The Merkur 38C double edge safety razor is made in Germany and features a long “Barber Pole” handle, about three and three quarter inches. Manufactured with several plating options, the most popular is the chrome finish. A unique ..

Merkur Progress

If you are looking for an everyday razor …