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Parker Safety Razors

Compare Prices, check Ratings and Reviews on Parker Safety Razors. With many different designs that are also budget friendly, Parker represents a great value on a new DE Razor.

Parker 89R

If you are new to safety razors, try …

Parker 11R

If you are looking for a great shaving experience, look no further than the Parker 11R. The Parker 11R is a double edged safety razor for wet shaving that has a timeless look and feel to it.

Parker 65R

Nobody likes shaving with an ugly razor, which is why we like the Parker 65R. The 65R is a three piece design and even though it is fairly hefty at nearly three ounces, the blade exposure is on the mild side ..

Parker 96R

The Parker 96R is an excellent razor that …

Parker 99R

The Parker 99R is a nicely designed double edged razor with brass over nickel plating. It has a 4’’ textured handle that feels great in the hand and gives a good grip.

Parker 22R

The Parker 22R Safety Razor is a good place to start if you are new to DE Shaving and don’t want to invest in an expensive safety razor. The razor features a butterfly door opening mechanism for easy blade changes ..