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If you are new to safety razors, try the Parker 89R. This super heavy weight double edge safety razor is excellent for beginners who tend to use too much pressure at first and end up with plenty of nicks and cuts. The Parker 89R is one of the least aggressive safety razors on the market that still provides a nice close shave without any razor burn. The key to using it is practice and good technique. You can turn shaving into a pleasure with the Parker 89R.

The Parker 89R has a simple design with a 4-inch long handle with a chrome finish that anyone would be proud to display in their lavatory. It is nicely balanced and weighted well at 3.2 ounces. To change the blades, the handle unscrews from two head pieces that sandwich the blade. This opening holds the blades nice and securely. This razor is also environmentally friendly and easy on the wallet because you won’t have to keep buying disposables or expensive multi-blade razors. The Parker 89R is all you need.

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Pros & Cons

prosHeavy and great quality.
consMust unscrew to change blade.

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Fit & Finish
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