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Edwin Jagger DE89L

The Edwin Jagger DE89L features a lined chrome handle and is manufactured in Sheffield England by the Edwin Jagger Company. Founded in 1988, Edwin Jagger is a brand you can trust with quality handcrafted products and is considered ..

Gillette Slim Adjustable

Manufactured from 1961-1986, the Gillette Slim was a bit of a hot commodity. With it’s adjustable settings and slimline design it makes for a perfect shave. It’s durability has lasted for generations and is still going strong, made with ..

Parker 22R

The Parker 22R Safety Razor is a good place to start if you are new to DE Shaving and don’t want to invest in an expensive safety razor. The razor features a butterfly door opening mechanism for easy blade changes ..

Merkur HD

The Merkur HD (also known as the 34C) features a heavy duty, extra thick handle with a textured grip. Manufactured in Solingen Germany, the HD is a two piece razor and is great for those new to shaving with a double edge ..

Merkur 180 (23C)

The Merkur 180 (also known as the 23C) double edge safety razor is a German made product, which features a classic long handle with chrome finishing. It’s a simple three piece razor with diamond etching for a good grip. It also includes ..