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Safety Razor & Wetshaving Videos

Many thanks to YouTube user Mantic59 for creating this wonderful wetshaving series. Click here to visit his blog for more great videos and to check out his shaving journal.

Adjustable Safety Razors

Adjustable safety razors can help to fine tune your shave by allowing you to control the blade exposure. Most razors are inherently either mild or aggressive, adjustables give you the best of both worlds.

How To Shave With A DE Safety Razor

Here is a great beginners video on how to shave with a single-blade, double edge safety razor. The video covers proper shaving techniques and different types of safety razors & blades.

Advanced Safety Razor Shaving Techniques

Here is a great tips and tricks video on advanced shaving techniques. The video covers techniques such as The Gillette Slide, J-Hooking and Blade Buffing. WARNING: these should only be attempted by advanced users!

Tips For Shaving With A Safety Razor

Another helpful safety razor video for beginners. This video covers the proper way to hold a razor and goes into detail on how to stretch, or flatten the skin. It also has great tips on shaving around the chin, mouth and under the nose.

How To Safely Dispose of Used DE Razor Blades

Properly disposing of used DE blades is a very important part of the wetshaving process. Many blade containers come with a built in blade banks, but not all of them. This video gives some great ideas for creating your own.